Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Good Eats!

DSC_3234Earlier this year,  I had opportunity and joy in joining a Dallas girlfriend for a springtime road trip through some wildflower strewn Texas hill country. We meandered down back roads, stopping at every food truck we could find. Easter dinner was a flavorful Crawfish Boil along the highway! IMG_8808

We enjoyed some amazing foods but the best of the best, was the watermelon slushy I bought from a food truck at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ MAGNOLIA MARKET in Waco.

Me with my Waco Watermelon Slushy


Crisp flavor, refreshing coolness, and good old-fashioned watermelon flavored goodness through a straw! Mine was served in a mini-seedless watermelon. It was so delicious, I couldn’t wait to get home and make my own! I hope you’ll give it a try too! It’s on my menu for a colorful Red, White, and Blue 4th of July backyard BBQ.


Because my guest list is large, I decided to try using a regular big sized watermelon, well chilled, rather than individual mini sized melons. I stood my watermelon on the flattest, most stable end—ensuring that it was balanced with no risk of tipping over. Then I took a long, sharp bladed knife and cut the top off. I wanted a hole large enough to easily insert my vintage ironstone serving ladle, to dish out the slushy into paper cups.

Then I removed an inch or so of the fruit from the inside of the melon, allowing me room to work and for the addition of more ingredients later. Plus, I didn’t want my slushy to be spilling over the edge once I inserted my immersion blender into the melon cavity.

With the immersion blender on high, I began to slowly and gently pulverize the melon’s fruity inside. Being careful not to cut into the rind or puncture it, I used the blender to scrape down the rounded sides, easily turning the firm flesh into mushy slush. This took about 15 minutes until my watermelon rind bowl was filled with beautiful slushy juices.

I then added ½ c of honey into 1 c of boiling water and stirred until it was dissolved. I let this cool, then added the sweetened water to the melon. I also squeezed in a few tablespoons of lime juice, to really make the watermelon flavor pop!

I kept the melon on a tray in the refrigerator until serving. I provided several additional flavor options for my guests to add to their individual glasses, like ginger ale, and Rose’ wine, if they wanted more of a wine cooler idea. (This watermelon slushy is a great base for fancy cocktails too, if that’s your party style) I found some fun, wide style, paper straws for us to use in slurping our slushies.


My watermelon punch bowl was a big hit with my party guests. I hope you and yours will find it equally delightful!


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