Gentle Folds The Heart

Here it is mid-February! So much has already happened in my life in the past 6 weeks of this new year…and the Christmas holiday seems ages ago.

This is typically when cabin-fever strikes the worse. When time seems to drag by and I feel that I’m going to jump out of my own skin if I don’t have some excitement soon.

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But 2018 is starting off so wonderful that I’m {nearly} oblivious to the snow, cold, and gray days. It helps that it has been a mild winter. First of all, I enjoyed a long weekend getaway to Colorado Springs to spend four glorious days with my youngest daughter and her fun husband, over my birthday!

gift-made-surprise-loop-45238.jpegWe are all like-minded–enjoying many of the same pastimes so the visit was light and easy to handle. Our first little adventure was to Glen Eyrie Castle where we walked the grounds, explored the castle, peeked into {unoccupied} guest rooms and enjoyed the blue sky and sunshine! We are all photographers so naturally, we took lots and lots of photos!

We visited the historic Ledger Ranch–me for the first time–and loved exploring this farm! The animals were beautiful to look at with occasional interaction. The ranch hand was knowledgeable and seemed to actually enjoy answering our many questions. The scrub-oak bushes were beautiful in their rusty, deadhead state, as they lined the paths we walked.


On returning home I was treated to a lovely birthday brunch with my son! And introduced to a 16-acre ranch that now has my name on the title! Seriously. A God-made-miracle in the flesh! I wasn’t even looking but thankfully was prepared and in position to buy when the tremendous opportunity presented itself! More about this later!

A Sunday afternoon of fun bowling with the whole family followed by a delicious birthday dinner at Scotty’s Table in downtown Missoula. Gifts, cards, chocolate cupcakes and happy birthday singing!

Gentle folds the heart

I’ve been busy sorting through all my THINGS and have already started packing up non-essentials even though I won’t actually be moving for another couple of months. I’m doing a major remodel and update on the house and don’t want to be living in the middle of that kind of disorder, so I’ll exercise patience and wait it out.

I know that once spring really does arrive, I’m going to want to be outdoors working on the lawn and garden of my new property, not indoors packing. So here’s to me–thinking ahead and being a good Boy Scout! {Be Prepared!}

Although I don’t care to be living among boxes, I know that time rushes by and it won’t seem long, especially because they represent progress and moving forward to me.


I’ve had so many job opportunities that I’ve had to declare “no more!”  I’ve got lots of adventures scheduled for this year, plus I want to have the time to really enjoy my new house as I settle in. It’s time for me to gather kittens and puppy dogs, some baby goats and maybe a few chickens. Oh! And I love gardening! I can’t hardly believe that it has been 12 long years since I’ve had one, so I see myself digging in the dirt a lot over the next 9 months!

Next week I’m off to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, as their guest! I’m bringing a girlfriend along with lots of plans to explore nearby Butte and Anaconda. We’ll soak in their pools, indulge in their spa treatments, and fill in the hours with road trips!

I’ll be home long enough to catch up on my work, meet a couple of magazine deadlines, and check out the progress of my ranch before flying off to Portland Oregon for a long Easter break, beachcombing, photographing, and having fun with a couple of my kids.


Thanks for reading this! And if you’ve made it this far, would you take a few minutes and help me come up with a great name for my ranch? My property is in the foothills of the Sapphire Mountains, on the edge of the Bitterroot Valley. Gentle slopes filled with mature Ponderosa Pine trees. Are great ideas coming to mind? I’d love to hear from you!


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