Light plays with fruit

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Oh! Let the Sunshine In!

I love being a Montanan like a flower loves the sun! But like a flower, if I don’t get sunshine for weeks or months on end, I start to wither and fade away. Vitamin D is as essential to those of us living in these northern, low-sunlight, always so covered and bundled up against the cold, states almost as much as we need oxygen to breathe. But even with all the supplements and strategies for winter survival, sometimes a girls’ just gotta do what a girls’ gotta do. For me, shortly after ringing in the new year, this meant going on a road trip to sunshine California for a few months!

Yes, this is not unusual. Montana breeds a whole lot of snowbirds who fly the coop every winter in their RV’s, heading to warmer climates. But this was the first year that I got to participate in this migration south.


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Simple Pleasures


I’ve always been a good Girl Scout. “Be prepared”. (Or is that the Boy Scouts motto?) Either way, I’m always (usually) prepared.  Like today for example. A friend stopped over on her way home from some holiday shopping.   I offered her a cocktail and a snack while she relaxed and showed me some of her awesome last minute Christmas gift finds.

One of my favorite holiday cocktails–always festive, refreshing, and yummy–is a cape cod with a couple of smashed frozen cranberries and a sprig of fresh rosemary. Sugared rim is an option.


1 shot Montana Silver Vodka

2 shots Ocean Spray Cranberry juice

1 shot Sprite (or other fizzy sweet drink)

6 smashed frozen cranberries

Put all ingredients in a shaker with about 1/2 cup of crushed ice. Pour into your favorite festive cocktail glass and garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig



Add some Boursin soft cheese flavored with shallot and chive on some freshly warmed baguette bread and we had ourselves an impromptu holiday gathering!


I’m Excited!

Recently I walked into my favorite Spokane restaurant, Chaps, for brunch. As I was at the counter contemplating how to par down my desired selections to a reasonable, manageable order, I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Celeste Shaw, the owner. Our conversation was sparked by a small, sterling silver Montana state necklace around my neck. Turns out Celeste is also a Montana girl. Within minutes we were sharing our love for our State, vintage everything, food, and each other!

I mentioned I was a photo-journalist and she mentioned she was preparing to release the Flea Market Style magazine. Our connection went from spark to all-systems-go!

Waiting for the premier issue to hit the newsstands took a lot of patience but it did, I devoured the issue with glee, and once I had the feel for where she wanted to go with this new baby of hers, ideas to complement started flowing from my creative brain!


Congratulations Celeste and co-editor Ki Nassauer on your delightful publication! I look forward to pitching some ideas for future issues as I hop on board this vintage styling train!



New Years Day Comfort Food


It’s New Year’s Day 2017. Maybe you stayed up a little too late and drank a little too much, celebrating last night. Or maybe its freezing cold out and you just want a stay-at-home family day of relaxing. No matter what, this month I’ve chosen a hearty winter comfort food for you to cook, that is sure to satisfy! (As a plus, this carb and protein packed dish gives your body a boost of healing energy!)

Carbonara is found on restaurant menus around the world and is defined as a pasta sauce denoting a sauce made with bacon, ham, egg, and cheese. My adapted recipe is full of Montana flavor, quick, easy, and makes for a beautiful presentation on your dining table.

This rich, creamy (without cream!) Italian pasta and sausage based one-dish-meal is delicious! Serve with a salad at mid-day (or even brunch!) for a new family favorite. Many cultures consider this a breakfast food, it’s so versatile and good for any meal of the day.  Garlic toast is always a nice side as well, to compliment and complete the Italian holiday menu.Read More »

Haiti Relief Effort

My contacts in Haiti tell me of the complete hopelessness they are seeing throughout this area now damaged so severely by hurricane Matthew. They have requested I return with my team of counselors to help heal and empart hope once more.

My ministry has been vetted by AngelFlightWest, a non-profit aid company. Alaska Airlines have generously donated our national flights to Fort Lauderdale, FL. We need funding to get us from FL into Haiti.


We will be taking supplies with us to assist a small Haitian medical clinic, bringing 10 large duffle bags of goods to donate. These will include items such as disposable baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, plastic tarps, surgical gloves & masks, etc. Additionally, we hope to financially bless our Haitian contacts there who will be providing us with lodging, cars, drivers, interpreters, and so forth.

Unlike many charities, we do not pay to stay in nice hotels, nor do we eat in costly restaurants. We stay with local families and cook our own meals. 100% of your gifts go directly to helping the Haitian people via our team of volunteers.

We have already received donations from local area businesses, with gratitude. But we need so much more.

Tentative departure plans are for mid-January 2017. So we literally only have a few weeks to raise these funds.

Helping hurting people recover is my life’s work passion. I’ve seen the power of grief counseling that truly changes people’s lives and gives them hope to move forward. Holding a grief striken parent in ones’ arms, listening to their story, allowing them the process to grieve, and gently imparting hope for a better tomorrow is fulfilling beyond description.

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